Review: Hu Tong Dumping Bar, Melbourne

Having been absent from my food blog for a while (but not absent from fantastic food adventures), today's dim sum stirred my passions to again post.

The venue was Hu Tong Dumpling Bar at 14-16 Market Lane, Melbourne.

And the dumplings were to die for! Yes, up there with something that wouldn't be far off a "last meal on earth" selection.

The absolute highlights were the Shao-Long Bao (or "soup dumplings"). Yes, delectable little meat filled dumplings that contain soupy liquid. After dipping in vinegar and garnishing with ginger you nibble a little corner off the dumpling and suck out the soupy liquid. Sexy food indeed!

And then for some spice, wontons with hot chilli sauce.
Made the lips tingle and the mouth sing. Divine.

The other dishes we ordered (including pork belly, boiled pork dumpings, boiled dumplings stuffed with spinach, spicy squid, and prawn dumplings with chives from the specials menu) were also most enjoyable but had tough competition in the first two.

We were seated on the top floor amidst beautiful chinese wooden carvings and highlights of red.

Service was generally good and the price was definitely right for the 12 or so dishes we shared - $18 each for the six of us.

We will definitely be returning here again. And tonight I know what I'll be dreaming of!

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